How does it work?

When you subscribe to The Card Drawer, you will have access to our bespoke dashboard, where you can add all of your recipients, addresses, events and occasions, and schedule when and where you’d like your greeting cards to arrive. You can log in any time to add or amend cards, choose if you’d like a handwritten message and/or stamp included, and choose your card designs. The number of cards included in your plan will be displayed as credits on your dashboard, so you can easily see how many you have used and how many you have left to assign to your recipients and occasions.

Can I include a message to send direct?

Yes, there is the option to add a message when you select a card direct for the recipient, and we will hand write this in the card for you.

How do I choose what cards I receive?

Each month we’ll send you an email reminding you of your scheduled occasions, prompting you to log in and select the designs you’d like to choose, or reminding you of the ones you have already chosen.

What if I don’t choose a card design for an occasion?

We’ll do it for you! If you forget to choose a design or would prefer a surprise, we’ll make a choice from the relevant collection for you.

When will my scheduled cards be delivered?

Your cards will be dispatched up to 2 days before your chosen scheduled event. If you would like to receive a birthday card the week before the birthday, or Christmas cards at the beginning of December ready to start writing and sending yourself, for example, just enter an earlier date than the occasion (eg. If you schedule Christmas cards for 5th December, they will be dispatched by the 3rd December.)

Can I pause or end my subscription?

Because with the Card Drawer you are essentially pre-purchasing your cards for the year, you will not be able to pause or end your subscription early. When you subscribe, you will make a one-off payment that covers your selected amount of cards throughout the year.